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The Solidarity Action and Cooperation Office (Oficina de Acciona Solidaria y Cooperación)


El plazo de presentación de candidaturas ha vencido.

Descripción del proyecto

The Solidarity Action and Coopation Office (OASC) at Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) through the project "Programa de Voluntariado con Jóvenes con Discapacidad Intelectual y con Adultos Mayores", the volunteers work together, on one hand, with youngsters with intellectual disabilities at the Promentor Program-UAM. This partisipation in the project aims to support capacity building among young people with intellectual disabilities, support their development of abilities and strengthen their autonomy and make easier their inclusion into the labour market. On the other hand, the volunteers participate hand to hand with the students of the UAM university to the local volunteers programe at the elderly residency “Nuestra Señora del Carmen” based in the campus of UAM, helping elderly people through leisure and creative activities and strengthening intergenerational attitudes. Finilly, the volunteers support task at the OASC. See our experience on: https://evsmadrid.wordpress.com/

Alojamiento, manutención y transporte

The Solidarity Action and Coopation Office will arrange flat rent and the two volunteers will live in shared flat, will have their own room - but share kitchen and bathroom with one other young person. Food money will be paid out to you as well as money to buy the local transportation monthly. The volunteers manage their money, because we consider it has to do with competence related to responsibility, butget managment and autonomy.

Formación durante el proyecto

We will help you to find and to enrol in a Spanish language course which fits your needs and level in our language school from UAM. On the other hand, you must go to our courses about local volunteering and constant mentoring support.

Perfil del voluntario

Member of the European Solidarity Corps voluntariado. We are looking for 2 voluteers from any country of the program. It will be very appreciated an excellent communication and speaking skills in Spanish. We are looking for people with these attitudes: - Motivation, creativy, flexibility - Interest for the social field - Sympathetic - Who likes to help the others - Can do team work

Fechas de la actividad

A total of 38 week(s) during the period 01/10/2020 to 30/06/2021

Lugar de la actividad

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid • Campus de Cantoblanco Edificio Plaza Mayor, Planta Baja, c/ Einstein, 7° 28049 Madrid (España), 28049 MADRID Spain

Se buscan voluntarios de

Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaiyán, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Bélgica, Bulgaria, Bielorrusia, Chipre, Chequia, Alemania, Dinamarca, Argelia, Estonia, Egipto, Grecia, Finlandia, Francia, Georgia, Portugal, Croacia, Hungría, Irlanda, Islandia, Italia, Jordania, Líbano, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Luxemburgo, Letonia, Marruecos, Moldova (Republic of), Montenegro, Macedonia del Norte, Malta, Países Bajos, Noruega, Polonia, Territorios Palestinos, Rumanía, Serbia, Russian Federation, Suecia, Eslovenia, Eslovaquia, Túnez, Ucrania, Reino Unido

Temas de la actividad

Educación y formación

Fecha límite para la presentación de solicitudes

Fecha de solicitud: 16/01/2020