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Photo & Video Volunteering in Valmiera

Valmieras novada fonds

Valmiera, Latvia

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Opis projekta

Volunteer will be hosted by Valmieras Novada Fonds. The foundation is always trying to keep up an active social media presence. In terms of visual material, that is where you come in! Your responsibilities will be: Shoot and edit photos and videos of our charity events. Concept, filming and editing of long-term video stories about community projects that we fund. Create promotional clips, online banners and posters, also for print. Help your fellow volunteers with their projects.

Nastanitev, prehrana in prevoz

6 volunteers will be accommodated in a private house or in 2 apartments, to be rented by the foundation for EVS. Specific locations should be selected by the end of August. We will ensure that apartment/house has fully equipped kitchen, WC, bathroom, heating system, internet. Each room would host 1-2 volunteers. Accommodation will be located within 5-30min walk from work, as Valmiera is not too big town. City buses are available. Also, 3 bicycles are available for volunteers to share. Food money is 150 €/month, which covers food and basic household stuff.

Profil prostovoljca

We expect our volunteer to be: Czech citizen or with valid Czech residence permit aged between 17-30 years because Erasmus+ programme says so; creative, having fun at being productive; self-organized because you will work on projects from the first minute to publication; ambitious to get the most out of your own abilities; ready to learn on your own; with at least basic knowledge and high interest to learn video and photo production.

Datumi napotitve

A total of 49 week(s) during the period 03/09/2018 to 18/08/2019

Kraj napotitve

Garā iela 10, LV-4201 Valmiera

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Ustvarjalnost in kultura

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Rok za prijavo: 22/07/2018