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Education, Solidarity, Environment

Sahel Vert

Wittelsheim (Mulhouse), France

Project description

Volunteers will be integrated in the team of the association and participate in various activities: 1.« School Remediation Program »(1 p.): A partnership between the National Education System, Sahel Vert, the Judicial Protection of Youth and the Children Social Assistance. The objective is to alternate between the secondary school in a dedicated class and practising sustainable development activities at Sahel Vert (these activities are self-productive workshops: vegetable gardening, recycling and renovation of 2nd hand equipment, Firewood, sheep breeding and poultry farming). 2. Office work(1 p.): helping in the management of the documents of young migrant, asylum seekers and people in needs. He will prepare reports and travel in Paris to present them in the embassies, find them jobs and more. 3. Educative workshop coordinator(1 p.): self-productive workshop in the field like point 1. Volunteers will both lead the activities and share the rich life of the association.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Volunteers will be accommodated in an appartement that offers all the needed amenities and comfort. An amount of 186€/full month will be given monthly to the volunteer to cover the food expenses. In addition, the volunteers will receive 186 € as pocket money monthly. Transportation for the purposes of achieving the project's tasks will be covered 100%.

Volunteer profile

Young women and young men aged between 20 and 30 years old from EU countries + Islande, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Macedonia. You must be sensitive to the issues of education, social integration, migration, sustainable development and early school dropout. A basic knowledge in french language will be appreciated or a special will to learn french (activities will be held exclusively in french)

Activity Dates

A total of 46 week(s) during the period 01/09/2020 to 31/07/2021

Activity Location

Wittelsheim, 68310 Wittelsheim (Mulhouse) France

Looking for volunteers from

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia

Activity Topics

Social challenges

Reception and integration of refugees and migrants

Citizenship and democratic participation

Environment and natural protection

Education and training

Employment and entrepreneurship

Deadline for applications

No application deadline