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Torino, Italy

The application deadline has passed.

Project description

Activity start date: 6/09/2019 Activity end date: 30/08/2020 Duration of the project : 12 months Venue: Torino – north-west of Italy SECTOR OF ACTIVITY: social field with different kind of users. We work with different kind of users and one or more of these services and related activities will be proposed to the each volunteer to carry out his/her project making a wide experience in our organisation. The areas are the following: - activities with CHILDREN and ADULTS with mental DISABILITY in daily centers doing artistic, sport, musical, socialisation activities, handmaking products, support at study, theater; - SOCIAL THEATER projects with local community; - daily training activities with groups of HOMELESS and ADULTS WITH DISADVANTAGES (gardening, cooking, cleaning); - REFUGEES and asylum seekers hosting project: accommodation, health care, training, administration, Italian lessons.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Volunteers will live in a flat covered by Stranaidea in Torino with double bedrooms (shared by 2 persons of the same gender), kitchen and bathroom. (No single rooms are provided). The project offers: - Travel costs to arrive to Italy and go back home at the end of the project - food: € 150 per month - public transport monthly card to move in Turin to reach services (to use buses, metro, trains in Turin) - pocket money: 5 euro/day - a health insurance coverage - on-line Italian language course allocated by Stranaidea

Training during the project

The Host Organization provides mainly a mentor and a service tutor. The mentor is responsible to welcome the volunteer at the arrival, to arrange for practical arrangements, to introduce the volunteer to the services and to the city, to organise group activities and meetings during the project, to provide a personal support in personal or group meetings, facilitating in case of conflict the process of problems solving having the role of mediator, encouraging the communication and the comprehension among the actors of the project. In every service a tutor is the supervisor of the activities.

Volunteer profile

The most the candidate/volunteer is open-minded and available to make an experience with all the activities described, the easiest will be to create a more wide and rich weekly personal timetable.The kind of activities each volunteer can do will not be decided during the selection process, but just after the arrival of volunteers and after visits to the places to try to create a personal project for each volunteer also asking their preferences. IMPORTANT: candidates have to be available to read often their e-mails and to organise the skype meetings for the selections.

Activity Dates

A total of 53 week(s) during the period 05/09/2019 to 31/08/2020

Activity Location

Via Paolo Veronese 202, 10148 Torino Italy

Looking for volunteers from

Spain, France, Hungary, Lithuania

Activity Topics

Reception and integration of refugees and migrants

Health and wellbeing

Education and training

Creativity and culture

Deadline for applications

Application deadline: 08/07/2019