Empowering youth communities

Empowering youth communities


Krasnodar, Russian Federation

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This project aims to increase the opportunities for the personal development of 2 young people, the practice of their existing competencies in a foreign language and the ability to work together within the hosting centre, which is a platform for youth activities to increase the level of youth participation and active citizenship at the local, regional, national and international levels. Through this project, AICEM and Falcogroup together would like to: - help volunteers to develop their skills in the field of non-formal education - acquire skills of interpersonal communication and intercultural dialogue - promote a greater recognition of the value of volunteerism

Szállás, étkezés és utazás

The volunteers will share a flat situated near the centre where the activities will be developed. They will have a monthly ticket to move around the city and reach the places of the activities. The volunteers will receive a pocket money and food money. Everything will be discussed during the interviews and details will be add in the infopack as well.

Képzés a tevékenység során

The volunteers will take part to an "on arrival training" and a midterm evaluation with the russian national agency.

Résztvevői profil

The volunteers must be interested and willing to proactively participate in the activities of the project: both with the sending and hosting organization. A good level of English will be useful. Knowledge of Russian language is not mandatory.

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Összesen 24 hét 01/09/2021 és 30/09/2022 között

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Krasnodar Russian Federation

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