Quality active education projects in Padova, ItalyDescription Contatto

Quality active education projects in Padova, ItalyDescription Contatto

Cooperativa Contatto CEMEA Veneto

Padova, Italy

The application deadline has passed.

Activity description

Contatto CEMEA Veneto develops active education in various situations and with different targets. Activities will take place at the educational community ‘CASA INCONTRA’. This center hosts mothers and their children. They live here for a short period, and with the help of educators and trainers they will be able to reintegrate in their own social context. Here mothers and children live together, with professional staff members, doing daily houseworks (prepare meals, clean…), activities and game moments, or structured paths for them. Educational paths in local area ConTatto CEMEA Veneto develops several educational actions in the suburbs of Padova. These actions are focus on combat educational poverty and on support people in difficult situations. High quality free time Educational and animation moments and activities for children and teenagers. An high quality free time, not imposed by adults but chosen and planned by and with themselves, using non formal educational metho

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteer will be lodged in an apartment rent by ConTatto CEMEA Veneto in the city of Sarmeola, municipality at 10km from Padua, easily accessible by bus. The receiving organization makes available an apartment on the first floor, with two large double rooms (4 single beds) and a bathroom. Local transports (needed for the service): volunteers will benefit from a bike and bus tickets in order to be able to travel throughout the city on their own autonomously. Each volunteer will recived a budget for food to buy their own groceries.

Training during the activity

We put in place actions to support volunteers during the projects: once a month we will do meetings with the mentor ( individual and group), to monitor mobility’s experience, integration in professional and social contexts, progress of project, evaluation of activities, thoughts about personal competence and skills reached for Youthpass, support for accommodation, travel, transport and practical issues. Every two weeks volunteers will have a meeting with the supervisor, to do the weekly planning, plan and prepare activities. Other meetings are available every time is needed.

Participant profile

Our organization doesn’t require specific competences but willingness and curiosity to know social, cultural and professional context and interest for how we develop active education in various situation and with different targets. We ask to the aspiring participants active observation of situations, predisposition to explore new contexts, availability to talk with coordinators to plan together actions with awareness and effectiveness. Educational projects requires availability to flexible work schedule, including public holidays, according to a plan made together.

Activity dates

A total of 40 week(s) during the period 01/10/2021 to 31/07/2022

Activity location

Via Fratelli Boscardin, 9, 35030 Padova Italy

Looking for participants from

Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Latvia, Portugal, Italy

Activity topics

Social challenges

Education and training

Deadline for applications

Application deadline: 15/08/2021