Athletic Festival (A3)

Athletic Festival (A3)

Pythia SCE

Kavala, Greece

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Opis činnosti

The Athletic Festival is a Multi Sports event incluiding Sports and Games next to the sea. Sports like Football, Volleyball and Catchball. And Games like trasure hunting, rock painting, tag-of- war and water relay. Forty volunteers from Greece, France, Italy, Romania and Spain will work together with Pythia's volunteers in order to help with the implementation of the event. This sport event is one of the most important for the local community. AIM - Eliminate discrimination and social exclusion of young people and aid them socialize and acquire useful tools for their lives. - Raising awareness of the value of volunteering for young people and for the community as well. OBJETIVES - Enable young people to acquire useful experience, their employability and active citizenship.

Ubytovanie, strava a doprava

Accommodation: You will stay in the area of Municipality of Kavala. The beach is close and there is plenty time to enjoy it either by bus or on foot. you can visit downtown, museum, historical places, etc. Food: Food will be provided by us (breakfast, lunch, dinner). There will be fruits available as snacks between the meals. You can also find several markets within a short distance. Transportation: Transport arrangements for the daily activities will be provided from the organization.

Odborná príprava počas činnosti

The specific competences the volunteer will develop through the activity: Knowledge: To learn how to prepare, recorda and disseminate a sport festival activity. Skills: To practice specific skills on creating dissemination media (posters, badges, invitation, videos). To improve organizations and cooperation skills. Attitudes: To be able to reinforce iniative on sports activities. To develop tolerance towards multicultures and practice to be more flexible in different situations

Profil účastníka

It is very important that all the solidarity activities will involve young people from different backgrounds and cultures,especially young people with fewer opportunities. The projects aim is to eliminate discrimination and social exclusion of young people and aid them socialize and acquire useful tools for their lives. Pythia is wide open to young people from 18 - 30 years old, regardless of background, competences or experience, with an interest in learning by doing and eager to have new experiences, meet new cultures and live like a local for the volunteering period.

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Thermopylwn 7, Eleftheroupoli, 64100 Kavala Greece

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