Solidarity Forward - Lebanon

Solidarity Forward - Lebanon

Chabibeh Club

Beirut, Lebanon

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Opis dejavnosti

The Lithuanian NGDO Platform is implementing the project Solidarity Forward with partner organisation Chabibeh Club. The major goals of the project are to organise practical activities in the fields of non-formal education, arts, culture, environmental protection, and sports, which promote and increase solidarity, youth empowerment, active citizenship. Volunteers working with the target youth groups through hosting organizations' activities will contribute to boosting the feeling of democracy, tolerance, and cooperation whilst at the same time dealing with specific issues and youth challenges within the community, strengthening social skills, social inclusion, and active involvement of the local youth groups.

Nastanitev, prehrana in prevoz

Accommodation will be arranged at the Chabibeh Club guests’ apartment which is within walking distance from the organisation's offices. The apartment is furnished and also has internet.

Usposabljanje med dejavnostjo

The volunteers will receive pre-departure training from the sending organisation as well as on-arrival training by the receiving organisations. They will be supported by local mentors and will have numerous opportunities to join learning sessions. After the project, there will be meetings for feedback sessions with the sending organisation too.

Profil udeleženca

We are looking for two volunteers who are: • between the age of 18-30 • willing to participate, implement youth activities based on non-formal education, in collaboration with the local youth leaders and targeting different young people from the region •willing to contribute and support the sports events and activities done throughout the year including sports competitions, summer day camps and team competitions •interested and have some experience or knowledge on the topics such as democracy, human rights, peacebuilding, conflict management •motivated to learn and exchange

Datumi dejavnosti

Skupno število tednov: 25 (v obdobju od 01/04/2021 do 31/08/2022)

Kraj dejavnosti

Pierre Gemayel, Beirut Lebanon

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Rok za prijavo: 08/06/2021