JACA, Spain

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Descripción de la actividad

ACTIVITIES ARE DEVELOPED BY VOLUNTEERS: The volunteers will collaborate in the preparation of training sessions with children up to the age of 16. They will prepare teamwork games, intercultural activities, knowledge of typical sports of their countries, etc. They will attend meetings with the delegates (parents who represent eachcategory and are responsible for all communications with the relatives ofthe minors by age). Once a month we accompany Minibasket Meetings with travel to other villages, always together with the coaches in each category. (In the case of being able to make transfers. Currently paralyzed by COVID19 theme) Dynamization of the Club's mascot in some matches. Radio attendance once a month. The volunteers will collaborate in the preparation of material and equipment. Collaboration with sports entities, for example: GIVE AND GOSummer Campus. If they are encouraged, we could create our own blog for the volunteers.

Alojamiento, manutención y transporte

Food and Transport: Upon arrival in Jaca (Spain), volunteers will be given support in opening a bank account, where they will be paid every month for food and pocket money. ( Money for food and transfers: 240 €/month/per volunteer. // Pocket money: 150 €/month/per volunteer.) Accommodation: The host entity will provide the two volunteers with a flat(furnished and with household goods), taking care of all the expenses(electricity, heating, water, etc.). Travel: The volunteer will have a fixed amount to pay for the return trip. (This will depend on the country of origin).

Formación durante la actividad

Linguistic support: - Volunteers will be integrated into the Education for All programme Adults , inthe Spanish courses for foreigners. - Language Platform, OLS. Training: Volunteers will attend the training courses at the Arrival offered by the National Agency or by the organization and to the Intermediate Evaluation seminars organised by the National Agency. Depending on the attitude and concerns, it is also may offer volunteers the opportunity to participate in sport format activities to be made available to the CLUB.

Perfil del participante

- Young people from 18 to 30 years old - Young people in the EU - Young people with a positive actitude and theability to teamwork. - Capacity for empathy and conflic resolution. - Ability to make constructive criticism, as well asas to receive them. - Experience or knowledge of working withchildren.(From a voluntary point of view) - Knowledge of the sport of basketball, withoutbeing specific training is required, eitherbecause played in a team or in a non-formalway. - Ability to adapt to living in an environmentrural, we live in a small area of the AragonesePyrenees.

Fechas de la actividad

Total de 30 semana(s) desde 01/02/2021 hasta 31/08/2021

Lugar de la actividad

C/ ALBOREDA Nº 17, 22700 JACA Spain

Se buscan participantes de

Austria, Bulgaria, Chipre, Chequia, Dinamarca, Estonia, Grecia, Finlandia, Francia, Croacia, Hungría, Irlanda, Italia, Luxemburgo, Letonia, Malta, Países Bajos, Polonia, Portugal, Rumanía, Suecia, Eslovenia, Eslovaquia

Temas de la actividad

Educación física y deporte

Fecha límite para la presentación de solicitudes

Fecha de solicitud: 22/01/2021