ZAGREB, Croatia

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Activity description

EUROMIJA main objective is to support Roma inclusion in Croatia. Specific objectives are to raise awareness in society and supporting empowerment of Roma community. Volunteers will write and/or translate number of articles for the Portal www.ROMI.HR on Roma issues and other Project related subjects. The volunteers will prepare and implement number of workshops in the schools and other institutions in Croatia with the aim of raising awareness of the students about the Human and Minority Rights, inequality, diversity and other related topics. Volunteers will together design and organize street actions and develop and implement individual personal project based on volunteer creativity. Volunteers will participate in the Project complementary activities and participate in other RNV activities. You can find more information and experiences of previous volunteers in the video created by the volunteers. GO TO YOUTUBE:

Konaklama, yemek ve yol ayarlamaları

The accommodation will be organized in the apartment or similar accommodation unit with all required amenities including central heating and internet and with public transport lines to the Office. Volunteers can use kitchen in the accommodation and second one in the RNV Office to store and prepare food. Near the Office is also one of the largest General Stores in Zagreb and numerous food deliveries are available to. The RNV will cover the cost of local (monthly ticket) and regional transportation for the volunteers as well as the planned cost of arriving and leaving from Zagreb.

Training during the activity

During the volunteering service, volunteers will receive training and/or education in several areas, including Croatian language, history of Croatia and the Balkans, Roma history, culture and other elements of identity, civil society activism, writing articles for the media. We are also open to volunteer suggestions for other training sessions. On-arrival training will be organized for the volunteers as well as mid-term training organized by the National Agency. FOR MORE INFO GO TO YOUTUBE:

Participant profile

We are looking for open-minded young volunteers with strong sense for Humanity and Equality. They should be highly motivated, team workers, ready to learn and to adapt, with interest in Minority and Human Rights. Strong interest in civil society (NGO) activism would be an advantage. Ability to speak and write (articles) in English is VERY desirable. Ethnicity, gender, religious or political affiliation are not relevant for implementation of this Project. We are open to candidates with different backgrounds and motivated for additional support to volunteers with fewer opportunities.

Activity dates

01/02/2021 ila 04/08/2021 arasını kapsayan sürede toplam 26 hafta

Activity location

ILICA 215, 10 000 ZAGREB Croatia

Looking for participants from

Cezayir, Ermenistan, Avusturya, Azerbeycan, Bosna Hersek, Belçika, Bulgaristan, Belarus, Kıbrıs, Çek Cumhuriyeti, Almanya, Danimarka, Estonya, Yunanistan, İspanya, Finlandiya, Fransa, Gürcistan, Hırvatistan, Macaristan, İrlanda, İsrail, İzlanda, İtalya, Liechtenstein, Litvanya, Lüksemburg, Letonya, Moldova (Republic of), Karadağ, North Macedonia, Malta, Hollanda, Norveç, Polonya, Portekiz, Romanya, Sırbistan, Russian Federation, İsveç, Slovenya, Slovakya, Türkiye, Ukrayna, Birleşik Krallık, Kosovo * UN resolution, Anguilla, Aruba, Saint Barthelemy, Bermuda, Bonaire Sint Eustatius and Saba, Canary Islands, Kurusao, Falkland Adaları, Fransız Guyana, Grönland, Guadalup, Kayman Adaları, Saint Martin (french part), Martinik, Monserat, Yeni kaledonya, Fransız Polinezyası, St Pierre and Miquelon, Pitcairn, Yeniden Birleşme, Saint Helena, Türk ve Kaikos Adaları, Virgin Islands (British), Wallis ve Futuna

Activity topics

Deadline for applications

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