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Good Energies 2020.1

Good Energies Alliance Ireland

Ballinaglera, County Leitrim, Ireland

The application deadline has passed.

Project description

We will need volunteers to participate in our interesting EVS project in 2019. Our purpose is to raise awareness of and encourage communities and young people to be active in the fight against climate change. We promote sustainable energy sources and uses and participate in international youth projects. * We run campaigns based on social media, political advocacy and community networking. * We expect a vacancy starting in January 2019 for for 12 months in Northwest of Ireland, rural and isolated but interesting. * We want someone to join our team of four volunteers, preferable with a JOURNALISTIC/SOCIAL MEDIA OR EVENT MANAGEMENT/PROMOTION BACKGROUND * Tasks include helping with social media, event management, website management, report writing, presentations, press releases, etc. * We focus on improving the capacity of our young people, personally and professionally. * We encourage volunteers to carry out projects of their own choice.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Independent living in rented accommodation with four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, one bedroom per EVS volunteer, shared kitchen and living area. Private or shared bathroom (depending on luck!) Adequate food allowance, car and fuel allowance provided for volunteers. Area is very rural and isolated, accommodation is in village of 400 persons. Our volunteers are in general OVER 24 YEARS and have lived away from home. Work time is spent mainly in community centre 1 km from nearest village so very isolated. Volunteer needs to be able to cope with limited daily social opportunities.

Training during the project

During the induction period, assessment is done of skills of volunteers and training required. In general, some IT training may be necessary as most of the work is computer-based. This we can give in-house. We also encourage volunteers to access any training courses given locally in areas that interest them, whether cultural or technical. We provide daily supervision of work and constant access to mentors so that training and other need as addressed as fully as we can manage. Erasmus+ on-line English training is accessible and daily time is given for such training. YouthPass is integral.

Volunteer profile

24 years or over, has lived independently in past Interested in Environment and Climate Change, especially in awareness-raising Attended 3rd level college, areas of event management, journalism, marketing, social media, website development English language B1 or higher As our volunteers, who come from different countries, live together and work together, we are looking for people who are flexible and can adjust to diversity in cultures and personalities. This EVS is a huge opportunity to experience the richness of different cultures. Interest in Music is an advantage in rural Ireland

Placement dates

A total of 52 week(s) during the period 01/10/2018 to 31/12/2019

Placement location

Ballinaglera Community Hall, N41 A2N8 Ballinaglera, County Leitrim

Looking for volunteers from

Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Romania

Placement topics

Citizenship and democratic participation

Environment and natural protection

Education and training

Placement deadline

Application deadline: 01/12/2018