Heilpädagogischer Hort an der Erich Kästner Schule

Heilpädagogischer Hort an der Erich Kästner Schule

Heilpädagogischer Hort an der Erich Kästner Schule

Fürstenwalde, Germany

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Descrição das atividades

In the therapeutical day care centre there are children from Erich-Kästner-School and other primary schools nearby, that are cared for in the time before and after school. centre. The main aim is to improve the quality of life of the children and provide comprehensive counselling for their parents. The volunteers are an equal member in the educational team and supports the general pedagogical and organizational work in the children day care centre. The basic tasks of the volunteers are: - participating in staff and thematic meetings - supporting the staff with the holiday programmes, - playing together with the children indoor and outdoor; - handicrafts and creative activities; musical or sports activities - common meals; - supporting children in doing their homework; - preparing and accompanying excursions; Working hours are depending on the opening hours of the centre. The volunteers will have holidays - on agreement with their tutor - usually during school holidays.

Comparticipação nas despesas de alojamento, alimentação e transporte

Each volunteer will have his/her own single room in a 3-room flat in Fürstenwalde. The bathroom, the kitchen and the corridor has to be shared with two other volunteers. In the building there are two other flats where are living other ESC volunteers. The volunteer will receive food allowance (258,00 €) and pocket money (150,00 €) and should cook for him/herself. Fürstenwalde is 60 km far from Berlin. A train runs every 30 min. to Berlin centre (about 40 min.) The volunteer will need 10 minutes on foot to the placement.

Formação durante a atividade

The volunteers have to participate in two seminars (on-arrival, mid-term), organized by the German National Agency and in a 4-week-German course in Berlin. Moreover, the volunteers, belonging to the same coordinating organisation (JuSeV), participate monthly in the cultural-meeting-days which are organized by the association.

Perfil do participante

Volunteers will be selected on the basis of the applications received. Please send you CV and ML to application@jusev.de and write in the subject the title of the placement.Criteria for the volunteering are: openness, communication skills, responsibility, fun to work with people and previous social engagement in their home country. Experience in working with people, as well as basic knowledge of the German language is an advantage but not compulsory. Gender, nationality, religion and degrees or certificates are irrelevant. All applications we receive will be forwarded to the project leaders.

Datas da atividade

Um total de 40 semana(s) durante o período de 01/10/2021 a 30/09/2022

Local da atividade

Heinrich-Mann-Str. 8, 15517 Fürstenwalde Germany

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Temas da atividade

Desafios sociais

Educação e formação

Criatividade e cultura

Data-limite para a apresentação de candidaturas

Prazo de candidatura: 31/05/2021