Croce Rossa Italiana - Comitato Locale di Marotta Mondolfo

Marotta di Mondolfo (PU), Italy

Opis aktivnosti

The volunteers WILL NOT be involved in emergency situations and WILL NOT deal with First Aid interventions. In this moment of world emergency, the contribution of each volunteer is extremely precious and valued! In particular, the volunteers will be involved in the following activities: Support to children with autism on their way to the school; Support to elderly and people with disability on their way to the hospital; Educational and informative activities and workshops; Support in the organisation and implementation of events organised by the Local Commitee of Marotta-Mondolfo about HIV prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion. Each volunteer can take part in the courses orgnised by the local Committee, such as the First Aid course, in order to acquire professional training.

Smještaj, hrana i prijevoz

The accommodation will be in the house rented by the Receiving Organisation, in proximity of the city centre. The volunteer will be accommodated in double room divided by gender. The flat will be shared with the other volunteers and has all the needed facilities (washing machine, fully equipped kitchen and internet connection. Bed sheets and blankets will be provided by the Receiving Organisation.

Osposobljavanje tijekom aktivnosti

During the service, the volunteers will have the right/duty to take part to the On Arrival Training and Mid Term Training organised by the italian National Agency. Besides that, the Red Cross will provide the volunteers with all the needed training to use the equipment and to fulfill the tasks.

Profil sudionika

Red Cross promotes the values of inclusion, humanity and solidarity: the most important aspects will be motivation and desire to learn and develop themselves: this is an opportunity to enrich our local community and ourselves with the personality, the ideas and the cultures of the volunteers. We expect from the volunteers the desire to learn and express their potential. They have to be open and available to communicate and cooperate with other volunteers. They will be dealing with different target groups, mostly elderly, so we will ask them to be respectful, patient and not to discriminate.

Datumi aktivnosti

Ukupan broj tjedana: 29 (u razdoblju od 03/10/2022 do 30/04/2023)

Lokacija aktivnosti

Viale Europa 1, 61037 Marotta di Mondolfo (PU) Italy

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