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School Support, New Technologies and Sports in Chios Island

Experimental Technology Education Sports TES-HIENET

Vrontados, Greece

Descripción del proyecto

a) (70%) Educational, Cultural & Sport cooperation on New Technologies: a1) Assisting at a Day Nursery, a Kindergarten, a Primary School or similar Institutions. a2) Organizing summer activities for children. a3) “Learning by using and Producing" Educational, Cultural, Sport & Tourist Projects. a4) Helping and learn how to sail on a sailing yacht. The (a1,a2,a3,a4,) activities depend on the capacity of the volunteer and the needs of the cooperating organizations. b) (20%) Realization of Non-profit making New Technologies, Educational, Sports and Cultural programs and Presentations. Creation of new ideas and realization of activities, texts translation participation in social activities. c) (05%) Our EVS Internet Radio. Development and realization of recordings, sound mixing, interviews, news to the Hosting organization’s EVS Internet Radio and web site www.chiosradio.gr. e) (05%) Our Place. Keeping the hosting and working place clean and in order (house, garden, yacht etc).

Alojamiento, manutención y transporte

The hosting organization is offering adequate accommodation for the volunteer, equipped with the necessary appliances and furniture to cover the basic needs of the volunteers. The Young volunteers live in shared rooms. Every two weeks the responsible of the H/O checks that everything is clean and in order at the hosting and the working place. Food: The young volunteers are responsible for making a cooking scheduler at home. They provide H/O a weekly list of the (regular) goods that they need each week for cooking at home and the H/O is supplying them.

Formación durante el proyecto

Volunteers will be given, (by using the cooperative learning method), any training necessary to carry out their tasks. (Computer programs, sailing lessons etc). The mentors will meet regularly with the volunteers to check on their progress and help solve any problems. They will also ensure ongoing support for the volunteer in every possible way. Attempts will be made to help the volunteers integrate into the local community. At the end of each project, the volunteers will have more technical (computer programs) and educational skills that will make them have a very good Youth pass certificate.

Perfil del voluntario

We are not interested on high qualifications, millions of certificates, presidents, queens or kings. We are usually selecting positive and creative young people ready to "offer" and learning in cooperation and offer their time on the realization of New Technologies, Educational, Cultural and Sport projects. The suitable volunteer is a person who don’t need 5 stars accommodation, privacy and comforts, but a person who has as priority on learning, cooperating and living with European young people. The suitable volunteer is a person who looks the glass "half full" instead of "half empty"

Fechas de la actividad

A total of 25 week(s) during the period 01/09/2019 to 31/12/2020

Lugar de la actividad

Andronikou 60 Chios Island Greece, 82200 Vrontados

Se buscan voluntarios de

Italia, Polonia, Alemania, Austria, España

Temas de la actividad

Medio ambiente y protección de la naturaleza

Educación y formación

Educación física y deporte

Plazo de la actividad

No application deadline