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N.E.T. for Neet - New Employability Trends"

Per Esempio Onlus

Palermo, Italy

Projekto aprašas

The project "N.E.T for N.E.E.T - New Employability Trends" will take place in Palermo and will last 9 months. It will involve 6 young people between 18-30 years (2 for each partner organization). The general objective of our project is to increase the opportunities for personal and professional growth of young European NEETs, increasing young people's awareness of the value of non-formal education as a tool for active participation and social inclusion and reducing youth levels of vulnerability. The specific objectives of our project are: - fight educational poverty among children aged 0-6, Italians and immigrants, particularly among those living in social, cultural and economic situations at risk of exclusion; - reduce the levels of school dropout, improving literacy and strengthening education, in the age group 11\16 years; - increase the knowledge and skills of young volunteers on the issue of gender empowerment, combating all forms of violence and

Apgyvendinimas, maitinimas ir transportas

You will live in two apartaments in the centre of Palermo (Sicily). You will share the flat with other European volunteers. Please bring with you some the bed sheets and the towels. You will receive pocket money for your personal expenses and a monetary contribution to the food. The payments of the pocket money will take place more or less on the 15th of each month and its amount is 150 EUR per month. Moreover, the volunteer will receive a food allowance of 135 EUR per month. The first payment will take place the following month to the arrival of the volunteer .

Kokių savanorių ieškoma?

Youngster aged between 18-30 years. We will offer participants the opportunity to live an important experience of personal and professional growth. The intervention intends to focus on young NEETs to set in motion opportunities that may break the extreme mistrust of young people and trigger process that brings their vitality and desire back into play. The selection will take place following the strong motivation to work in groups and in difficult socio-cultural and economic contexts. The volunteers will work with children (0-4 years); adolescents and women from disadvantage district.

Dalyvavimo projekte datos

A total of 1 week(s) during the period 01/11/2019 to 30/11/2020



Ieškoma savanorių iš

Graikija, Ispanija, Prancūzija


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No application deadline