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3E: EVS Eastern Express part 2

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Project description

"3E: EVS Eastern Express" part 2 aims to empower young people from Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia to learn from Union practices in the field of youth work and then apply the knowledge received to the youth field back home thus promote European values and cooperation and non-formal education among their peers. Following Erasmus+ program objectives, the project equity and inclusion by offering voluntary placement to people with fewer opportunities, in particular supporting young people with economic and educational obstacles and thus also at long term perspective contribute to their employability potential and overall sense of well-being thanks to equipping them with transversal skills.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteers will be hosted in shared rooms with another volunteer/ from the same sex/ in their own flat with bathroom, terrace and kitchen, fully furnished with all the necessary kitchen utensils. The volunteers will be engaged in activities 30 - 35 working hours a week according to the program guide. Each volunteer will receive a fixed amount of financial support each month: for food 110 euro and for pocket money 90 euro / in total 200 euro/ to cover all their daily expenses.

Training during the project

Mentor: The coordinating organization provides the volunteer with a mentor’s support who will help the volunteer set learning goals and together they may evaluate them after the project has finished. Also, the mentor can help the volunteer with emergency situations, such as going to the doctor, or orientation and information about the local life and all events happening. Mentor will also help each volunteer overcome the cultural shock in the new environment. Language support: Even though the working language is English, still each volunteer will have the opportunity to attend a language

Volunteer profile

18-30 years old young person who is interested in volunteering projects. There will be given priority to unemployed, finished or excluded of the formal education system, or with economical difficulties youth. The most important criteria in the selection process will be the motivation of the participants. The communication level of English language skills and basic computer skills will be a plus.

Placement dates

A total of 26 week(s) during the period 01/06/2019 to 30/04/2020

Placement location


Looking for volunteers from

France, Italy, United Kingdom

Placement topics

Social challenges

Environment and natural protection

Health and wellbeing

Education and training

Employment and entrepreneurship

Placement deadline

No application deadline