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Volunteering with elderly and disabled persons in Anglet - SW France


Anglet, France

Deze vacature is geannuleerd. Je kunt niet meer solliciteren.

Beschrijving van het project

The retirement home EHPAD MARIAMA and the Foyer de vie François de Paule (home for adults with mental disabilities) are both managed by the association Missions Père Cestac and located at the city of Anglet, neighbor city of Biarritz and Bayonne, on a large estate together with other social institutions. The volunteer will be involved in activities of the EHPAD MARIAMA and the Foyer de Vie François de Paule, which are located close to each other. He/she will participate in activities promoting the social and cultural life and well-being of the residents of these two institutions and in collaboration with the professionals. The volunteer will participate in team meetings to prepare events, support meetings with school teams, participate in the personal projects of the residents, organize multimedia, gardening or international cooking workshops, assist to the internal communication on events (poster creation, internet) and to the supervision of excursions with the residents.

Regelingen voor accommodatie, eten, en vervoer

The volunteer will share a flat in Anglet with two other volunteers, having each a single room. He/she will be able to take lunch or dinner at the retirement home from Monday to Friday and receive a monthly budget for the remaining meals. He/she will have a monthly bus card.

Opleiding tijdens het project

French language support is not provided (apart from OLS), but he/she has the possibility to sign up for a cheap language course run by a local association at Bayonne. The volunteer will participate in an on-arrival and a midterm training. The costs are covered.


The volunteer should be interested in sharing daily activities with older people and people with intellectual disabilities, which requires the ability to listen and to have patience. He/she should be positive and open, above all motivated to take initiatives. HOW TO APPLY: Applicants can find more about this offer and our application form at Only candidates who duly filled in our application form and downloaded their CV in the form will be considered.


A total of 52 week(s) during the period 30/08/2019 to 21/08/2020


64600 Anglet

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