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Steiner/Loczy nursery - volunteering with babies and toddlers

L'Enfance de l'Art

Tournai, Belgium

Beschrijving van het project

The nursery "Le Petit Jardinet" has a capacity of 18 children (0 to 3 y. o.). We welcome them every day of the week from 7:30 to 18:00 (volunteer will work from 9 to 17:00). Children are divided into 3 groups. Small & medium are in the same space. The team consists of 4 nurses & a director. - With the smaller kids, volunteer will mainly support the reference nurse. Present to babies, assist at lunch or snack... (s)he is often sitting on the floor among children who are lying until they are able to sit for themselves. Volunteer works gently to put objects to be discovered by children, in order to manage small conflicts, to avoid incidents... - With the oldest, it will mostly be logistical help: during meals (hand washing, serving plates, clearing away small dishes); assistance during outings outside (help with dressing/undressing) which requires organization, anticipation & always smoothly. But also a presence during free play, meals, outdoors, difficult transition periods.

Regelingen voor accommodatie, eten, en vervoer

Volunteer will live in a shared house in Tournai together with 3 other ESC volunteers (who are placed in kindergarten). Each volunteer will have his/her own bedroom and will share the kitchen, bathroom,... with the other volunteers. The nursery, located in Tournai, is easily reachable by foot. All volunteers get a monthly allowance for food and pocket money. You should not be afraid of living a repetitive daily routine & to spend time outside in all weathers. If you want to apply, please send a CV & a PROJECT-RELATED motivation to

Opleiding tijdens het project

"L’Enfance de l’Art" is a non profit organisation whose aim is to help parents to become more involved in their children’s education. To that purpose, it set up nurseries, kindergarten & a school using Loczy & Steiner pedagogies. An informal training day will be organised (end of August) in order to introduce the alternative pedagogies used on the project. Volunteers will then have the opportunity during their placement to go into this subject in depth through the weekly meeting and exchanges with the members of the organisation. On-arrival & mid-term training organized by the national agency.


The nursery uses Loczy & Steiner pedagogies. - Loczy pedagogy respects the whole child & developing its autonomy, which requires observation abilities to meet their real needs at the right time - Steiner pedagogy brings in more contact with nature & creativity, which requires to also work outside twice a day & dealing with an activity that children can imitate. Great care is put into the adults’ gestures, speech & movement. It is important to be willing to work with children under 3, and have related qualities (gentle,patient,helpful,attentive,responsible,creative,empathetic,flexible...)


A total of 49 week(s) during the period 15/08/2019 to 14/07/2020


Rue des croisiers, 42B, 7500 Tournai

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Oostenrijk, Duitsland, Spanje, Italië, Frankrijk, België


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