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Asociación Recreativa Cultural Os Tilos

Os Tilos, Teo, Spain

Beschrijving van het project

The main objetive to host an european volunteer is to promote the knowledge of Europe and of the programmes offered for youth, between youngsters from Santiago, in particular, and from Galicia in general. Moreover we realize that is interesting to promote between european youngsters the knowledge and relationship with another diferent cultures that living in the same frame of convivence, Europe. Finally we think that is very enriching to know diferent ways of working in the leasure time in the differents countries in Europe. Since our center is a center for and by youth, where youngsters are participants and volunteers at the same time, the participation of one young european volunteer it will help to a bigger diversity and richness of the activities offered. More information:

Regelingen voor accommodatie, eten, en vervoer

The ETL Don Bosco, as a coordinator entity, has a rented flat for volunteers. The apartment has everything they need to live: washing machine, fridge, iron, heating, blankets ... The property is managed from the ETL Don Bosco, which will be responsible for paying all expenses: rent, electricity, water, gas... In case of need another extra accommodation we will search for a rented apartment with similar characteristics. The volunteer will receive a monthly transfer(at the beginning) to manage the meals Local transport will be not needed because the flat is few meters close to the organisation

Opleiding tijdens het project

The volunteer will participate in the same activities as the rest of the local volunteers and staff members, and will participate in the same training activities. The volunteer also will participate in the EVS learning process and he/she will attend to the pre-departure training, on-arrival training and mid term evaluation. The partcipant will have Spanish lessons according to his/her level and also he/she will be registered in the Online Language Platform.


We are looking for young volunteers with interest and motivation in cultural activities and leasure time with children and teenagers. We are looking for youngsters with capabilities of comunication, social skills, enthusiasts, creatives, with initiative and values and ideals about solidarity and europena identity. We value highly the desire and the motivation to participate in this experience.


A total of 30 week(s) during the period 01/05/2019 to 30/11/2019


Rúa Ameneiro nº 8, 15894 Os Tilos, Teo

Op zoek naar vrijwilligers uit

Oostenrijk, België, Bulgarije, Cyprus, Tsjechië, Duitsland, Denemarken, Estland, Griekenland, Spanje, Finland, Frankrijk, Kroatië, Hongarije, Ierland, IJsland, Italië, Liechtenstein, Litouwen, Luxemburg


Creativiteit en cultuur


No application deadline