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Volunteer for our Children's group Giraffenland

Children's group Giraffenland

Vienna, Austria

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Voluteers in our Kindergroup have the opportunity to get in touch with the pedagogical concepts of Maria Montessori, to learn about NonViolentCommunication and other pedagogical directions. The volunteer will be integrated in the children's group by the caretakers, and is happily invited to join the kids and their parents outside of business hours. She/he will be guided and supervised by the well educated local personnel and will also accompany the kids on their natural field trips. From the intensive, open and constant contact with the children and their caretakers we expect a very rewarding time of self-experience and reflection for the participants. We will also organize German courses for the volunteers and support her/him to get comfortable with our language. The selfdevelopment and independence of the volunteers grow in the course of the project. They get help if they need, but they are responsible for their everyday life.

Logi, mad og transport

Our volunteer will either live with one of the parents from the children of our children's group and/or in a flatshare in Vienna. Our volunteer will have his or her own room. He or she will have enough pocket money to arrange his or her own food. During the time at the children's group, food will be provided. As for transport: depending on the location of the room we can provide a bike (Vienna is super bike-friendly) and/or the necessary tickets for public transport.

Oplæring i løbet af projektet

The volunteer has the opportunity to create his/her own projects and implement own ideas. Own initiative, strengthening self-esteem, and exploring and living their own creativity will be improved and acquired. We have a variety of different pedagogical approaches and focal points (Montessori, Pikler, attentive communication, outdoor, music...), which our volunteer will get to know and has the option to deepen the knowledge. The German language will be practiced daily and we also offer a German course during the stay.

Frivilliges profil

Interest and competencies to work with small children (2.5 to 6 years old). We will not restrain ourselves in choosing only volunteers with references in that field, you should be willing and motivated to work with small children. It is indispensable that the children are treated with respect and as self-reliant personalities. The volunteer should be prepared to react to the curiosity and creativity of the children rather than confronting them with a ready-made programme. The volunteer should be interested to share her or his cultural knowledge and be interested in language.

Datoer for opholdet

A total of 16 week(s) during the period 01/04/2019 to 30/09/2019

Sted for opholdet

Schubertgasse 10, 1090 Vienna

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