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United Learning 2019 - Volunteering at the Orpheus Centre

The Orpheus Centre

Godstone, United Kingdom


The Orpheus Centre is an inclusive, residential, performing arts centre founded by entertainer and musician Richard Stigloe in 1998. The Orpheus Centre provides opportunities for personal development through the performing arts and other learning experiences for young adults with disabilities so that they can make informed choices about the future and gain skills to enable them to live more independently in the community. The Centre offers sessions in a wide range of activities including music, drama, dance, visual arts, music technology, song writing, numeracy, budgeting, logistics, etc. The Orpheus Centre is looking for volunteers for an 11 month volunteering placement to start at the end of August 2019. Volunteers play an important role at the Orpheus Centre in helping the students engage in the full range of activities on offer and achieve an independent lifestyle by providing creative, practical and motivational support.

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The volunteers are accommodated at the centre. The accommodation is separate from that of the students and is shared with the other volunteers. Each volunteer has their own bedroom. The centre is in a very rural location and there is limited public transport from the centre. The centre is a 20-25 minute walk from the nearest village, Godstone. Volunteers need to be prepared to live in the countryside. Volunteers are provided with a weekly allowance for food costs. Volunteers then buy and prepare their own food.

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Volunteers are provided with training by the coordinating organisation on arrival to the UK which includes intercultural learning, linguistic support, practical information, etc. They are also provided with evaluation training at the mid-term point and at the end of the placement. At the Orpheus Centre volunteers have a comprehensive induction to introduce them to the work of the centre, its procedures and policies. They initially shadow staff members while they become familiar with their role and they receive training in any aspect of the role for which it is required.


The Orpheus Centre is looking for volunteers with a strong interest in music and/or the performing arts and who are keen to share their time and interests with young adults with disabilities. The volunteers should have a reasonable level of English as many of the students at the centre have communication difficulties. The Orpheus Centre is in a rural location with limited public transport options so it is important that volunteers are happy to live in the countryside.


A total of 49 week(s) during the period 24/08/2019 to 24/07/2020



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Dänemark, Finnland, Spanien, die Tschechische Republik, Italien, Deutschland


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