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From rural to international youth

Association Centre Social La MAGIC

Broût-Vernet, France

Lhůta pro zasílání přihlášek skončila.

Popis projektu

The volunteer will work in the office of Social Center “La MAGIC”, in Brout-Vernet (Allier department, Auvergne). His/her missions will be the following: - Promoting European mobility among local youngsters (the volunteer will be in charge of creating pedagogical activities, organizing events, sharing experiences during different meetings). - Assisting youngsters in the preparation and realization of a European youth exchange. - Accompanying a group of inhabitants in the creation of a social center in Burkina Faso and helping them to define vectors of cooperation between the centers. If you want to learn more about the projet, check our CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mF6nTVaY84_OZQmJMSIdpBaLnn8YadWP/view?usp=sharing Please note that to apply for this project you MUST fill in the APPLICATION FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScsudWgS-l06jCoctw-7fzfMHxdhTWULboPasxrvhPyr-A6iA/viewform. Whithout it your application will not be considered!

Ubytování, stravování, doprava

The volunteer will have a private accommodation in a nearest city. The place is entirely furnished, with Internet connection and household equipment (washing machine, TV, etc.). Financial support will be provided to cover expenses for food (7,50€ per day). Apart from that, the volunteer will receive pocket money (6€ per day). Since the volunteer will live in a city, 2 employees of “La MAGIC”, who live at the same place will make arrangements to bring the volunteer by car to the working place in Broût-Vernet.

Profil dobrovolníka

We are searching for an active and motivated person with the following qualities: - Capacity to adapt to new environment; - Ability to communicate with different audiences; - Good presentation skills; - Desire and readiness to work in rural area; - Sense of initiative and willingness to develop own project; - Good level of English and/or French or motivation to learn French; - Motivation to participate in European projects.

Termín pracovního umístění

A total of 54 week(s) during the period 01/09/2019 to 31/08/2020

Místo pracovního umístění

28 rue de la Chaume, 03110 Broût-Vernet

hledáme dobrovolníky z těchto zemí:

Rakousko, Belgie, Bulharsko, Kypr, Česká republika, Německo, Dánsko, Estonsko, Řecko, Španělsko, Finsko, Francie, Chorvatsko, Maďarsko, Irsko, Island, Itálie, Lichtenštejnsko, Litva, Lucembursko

Témata pracovního umístění

Občanství a účast na životě demokratické společnosti

Vzdělávání a odborná příprava

Kreativita a kultura

Lhůta pro pracovní umístění

podle lhůty přihlášek: 17/03/2019