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European Solidarity Corps

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Quality Label

The European Solidarity Corps Quality Label certifies that an organisation taking part in the Corps is able to provide the necessary conditions for young people to take part in solidarity activities.

The participating organisation must comply with the principles of the European Solidarity Corps and live up to the high quality standards set out in the Guide.

The Quality Label gives an applicant organisation access to the European Solidarity Corps funding opportunities and pool of motivated young people. Although you must have the label to be able to apply for funding, it doesn’t automatically guarantee funding.

An organisation can apply for a Quality Label for volunteering – supporting and/or host role.

/!\ Note that a Quality Label is not needed:

  • for Solidarity Projects
  • if your organisation has a valid Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service accreditation – in that case it is already eligible to apply for funding and has automatic access to the Organisation Portal.

You can use these application forms (ESC50) to apply for a Quality Label at any time. National Agencies take about 8 weeks to process applications. Once your organisation has its Quality Label, the label remains valid throughout the duration of the current 2018-2020 programme. (Updates for 2021 onwards will come soon).

The Quality Label gives your organisation access to the Organisation Portal (previously known as the ‘Placement Administration and Support System’ PASS, accessible from the European Solidarity Corps portal). Use the portal to publicise the opportunities you can offer young people and/or to search for potential participants.

Organisations in programme countries

  • Apply to the National Agency of the country where your organisation is established

Organisations in partner countries

Use the following sources to find partner organisations:

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