Your organisation may be eligible to apply for European Solidarity Corps funding to develop projects for the good of communities and society as a whole. We work with a wide range of organisations active in areas including:

  • encouraging democratic participation
  • fighting social exclusion
  • protecting nature
  • promoting health and wellbeing
  • promoting education and training
  • working with migrant communities. 

If your project gets approved, you will have access to a pool of motivated young people between 18 and 30 years old on the European Solidarity Corps portal. Your organisation will be able to advertise opportunities or search and get in touch with potential participants. 

European Solidarity Corps funding has several advantages for your organisation. It can:

  • enable you to do more
  • help you tap into the skills and enthusiasm of highly motivated young people
  • enable you to create links with young people by offering them a meaningful learning experience
  • bring fresh ideas into your organisation’s day-to-day work
  • forge stronger links with the local community. 

The European Solidarity Corps has a volunteering strand and an occupational strand, with 3 funding application deadlines a year. When applying, make sure your project falls under the general heading of ‘solidarity’: some relevant areas are listed above.

Volunteering strand

  • Volunteering activities

             -   Individual
             -   In teams
             -   Volunteering teams in high-priority areas

  • Solidarity Projects

Occupational strand

  • Traineeships & jobs

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