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Information for organisations who want to get involved in the European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps is a major opportunity for organisations of all types to involve young people in projects related to European solidarity.

If your organisation is already accredited under Erasmus+ for European Voluntary Service (EVS), or certified for EU Aid Volunteers, then it is already automatically able to access the pool of Corps participants and search for participants for your projects. To start using the Placement Administration and Support System, simply click on the "Administrator login" button at the bottom of this page, and login using your existing EU Login / ECAS account details.

On the other hand, if your organisation is not already involved in these schemes, then you could either apply to join them, or seek funding through other EU programmes which are related to the European Solidarity Corps.

Details of all of the different programmes, along with links to the programmes' websites and the deadlines for submission, are available in the factsheet below.

If your organisation would like to start working with European Solidarity Corps participants, and needs more information about how it can become accredited for EVS or certified for EU Aid Volunteers, or can apply for funding under one of the other programmes, then please contact the particular programme administrators directly via the programme website - links to each website are in the factsheet.