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#EUSolidarityCorps T-Shirt Design Contest "My European Solidarity Corps T-Shirt"

Take part in the European Solidarity Corps T-Shirt Design Contest and have a chance to win a European Solidarity Corps promotion kit and other prizes.

After nine rounds of contests, we are now interested in how your favourite European Solidarity Corps T-Shirt would look like. Please share with us your preferred design.

How can you share your T-Shirt design?

  1. You are registered on the European Solidarity Corps Portal on the European Youth Portal
  2. Login with your credentials
  3. Please note that any T-Shirt design should meet the following requirements:

              a) include the logo of the European Solidarity Corps and (if suitable) the logo of the European Union

              b) represent prominently at least two of the colours of the corporate design of the European Solidarity Corps

CMYK: 100, 80, 0, 0
RGB: 0, 68, 148
Pantone Reflex Blue   


CMYK: 36, 100, 12, 4
RGB: 168, 21, 115
Pantone 248 C


CMYK: 72, 10, 0, 0    
RGB: 20, 173, 229
Pantone 2995 C


CMYK: 0, 0, 100, 0    
RGB: 225, 237, 0
Pantone Yellow

           c) follow the visual guidelines of the European Solidarity Corps

          esc_logo_guidelines_na_version2.pdf (7.18 MB)

          ALL LOGOs

   4. You can get inspiration by the previous T-Shirt designs created for the European Solidarity Corps:

Design of 2018 

Design of 2019


  5. Please upload your T-Shirt design as .jpg files of a maximum size of 5 MB. You are allowed to upload up to five .jpg files showing the T-Shirt design in different view angles (front, back, side, etc.) to allow a future production in 3D. You can use the following empty layouts if needed.

6. Choose the language in which you will submit a description on your proposed design. You are allowed to submit your T-Shirt design description in the 24 languages of the European Union (Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish).
7. Describe your European Solidarity Corps T-Shirt design and how it relates to “solidarity” in maximum 250 characters in the appropriate box.
8. Please note that we are looking for T-Shirt designs reflecting the ideals, values and the true spirit of the European Solidarity Corps. 
9. By submitting your T-Shirt design, you give the consent to the European Commission to possibly use the design for its future T-Shirt productions free of charge for the existence of the European Solidarity Corps Programme and its successor programmes. The design might be adapted to fit with technical requirements and respond to the visual identity of the European Solidarity Corps.
10. By entering the T-Shirt design and/or accepting a prize, entrants transfer any rights on the entered design to the European Commission and consent to the use of their entry design for publicity, advertising or informational purposes carried out by the European Commission and multipliers for the European Solidarity Corps in any medium or format without further notice or compensation

The contest is open to all young people between 18 and 31 registered on the European Solidarity Corps Portal.

Up to ten T-Shirt Design Contest winners will receive a European Solidarity Corps promotion kit and a voucher of a value of 100 €. In addition, the best T-Shirt design will be selected by 50 points jury vote and by 50 points on-line voting out of the ten winners. The person who submits the best T-Shirt design will either receive an Interrail ticket to travel to seven destinations for the maximum of one month or a voucher of the same value or will be invited to the European Youth Event (EYE2020) http://www.europarl.europa.eu/european-youth-event/en/eye2020.html (the winner can choose his/her prize).

Show us with which T-Shirt design future European Solidarity Corps participants should be on their activities and you could be one of the lucky winners!

The tenth round of the #EUSolidarityCorps Contest opens on 1st February 2020!

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Read the full Terms & Conditions