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Be safe online!

Young people spend a lot of time on the Internet, either on the computer or on the phone. But are you sure you are keeping yourself safe while surfing the web?

It’s important that you always have in mind that everything you post online becomes public forever. Whether it’s a video, a photo or a text, it will no longer belong just to you. Posting any type of personal information on blogs, social profiles and message boards can be dangerous and lead to online abuse. So don’t do or say anything online you wouldn’t do in person and only post things you are okay with people seeing and knowing.


Protect your online self

Ins@fe gives some basic rules and tips to keep yourself safe whenever and wherever you go online, from playing games to chatting and just having fun. You can also get advice from your own national awareness centre.

For a 'fun' way to learn about staying safe on the Internet, the Council of Europe’s game Through the Wild Web Wood is a good option.


Share the information offline

You can download the brochure Take control of your personal data from the European Commission and promote safer online behaviours among your friends and family, at school or in your community.