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AIESEC is educating young professionals

The biggest student run organization in the world is also settled up in Slovakia and it is changing the traditional ways of education. AIESEC in Slovakia is preparing young professionals and opening the world for young people.

Experiences and knowledge

AIESEC offers theoretical knowledge, but also their practical use. To illustrate – when you become a member of AIESEC, you are allocated to a team in one of several functional areas and get information about specific areas. Areas are marketing, finance, selling, event management, international projects. Then, you can start working and fulfill tasks from team-leader. Tasks are various and interesting – e.g. in selling, you can set up a meeting with potential partner, then absolve it and try to close a potential cooperation. Looks like company? Yes, processes in AIESEC are almost the same as in companies! The result is, that people with AIESEC experience are better prepared to start working in corporate sector, but also start businesses of their own.




Labor market and education

Situation in Slovak labor market is difficult for many young people and graduates. There are not many opened positions, so the rate of unemployment between this group is slowly increasing. AIESEC is changing this through active and participative education. Members of AIESEC can join several trainings (e.g. to topics presentation skills, job interview preparation, time-management, ….) and actively participate on them. AIESEC also organizes educational conferences, where educational sessions from facilitators are being delivered.


Opening doors to the world

AIESEC offers internships abroad for all Slovak university students and fresh graduates (max. 2 years after finishing studies). People have to go through selection process, which consists of interview and language test. If they pass, there is a database of internships from all over the world. There are two basic types of internships – first is cultural (for max. 2 months) and professional (about 1 year). The difference is in qualifications, which intern needs to have – cultural internship is suitable for all university students, professional is for older students and graduates. AIESEC opens the world by international internships. This is really attractive for Slovak students, who use this service often.

AIESEC is bringing the way of non-formal education to Slovakia and educates new generation of young professionals. It wants to bring fresh trends to our education and impact the whole society with open-minded and proactive AIESEC members. 

And why to go for internship through AIESEC in Slovakia? Check out this:

AIESEC Nitra promo OGX - Why to go for intership

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AIESEC in Slovakia - Why to go for intership?

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