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Courses and trainings in Slovakia

Vzdelávať sa dá aj mimo prostredia školy.
Vzdelávať sa dá aj mimo prostredia školy.
Knowledge you acquired at primary school can give you a good base. Sometimes there are good reasons to extend you knowledge in another field or language not offered at standard schools.

Your potential future employers will regard not only your compulsory education but also your extra experience and activities which are not common by majority of applicants.


Language courses

There are a number of language schools in Slovakia where you can improve your foreign language skills outside the school environment. You can choose both the intensity and length of your language course. If you prefer online studying, you can find an online language course. You can also choose from a stay or internship abroad to develop your language bases.


Seminars and trainings for young people

A wide range of seminars and training programmes for young people are offered by IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute. They organize different trainings both within Slovakia and its regions and abroad. Find current trainings at webpage of IUVENTA - Slovak Youth Institute including trainings of Youth in Action in Slovakia and KomPrax.

If you already are a member of a youth group, even its leader, you can possibly take part in the following training programmes: Join national agencies of the programme ´Youth in Action´ and ´SALTO´ with their annual international training activities on various topics and help your organisation/informal group move towards international level. All you have to do is click the ´Training Calendar´ where you can find an overview of the international, national and regional trainings along with the dates and info about the application process.


Funding possibilities

If you are looking for funding possibilities for your projects, you can make a use of funding programmes. One of the options represents the Programme Youth in Action´ which is funded by the EU and available for young people aged 13-30 and those working in the youth sector. It aims to support young active people who want to travel, meet new people from Europe and the world, make new friendships, express their own opinions, acquire new knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in the future.



Author: Mgr. Michaela Šuľáková

Útgefið efni: Mán, 27/05/2013 - 10:54

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