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EDS-ku odporúčam každému, kto nevie, čo chce a hľadá to. A hľadá sa.

I am pleased to take the opportunity to use the European Youth Portal to share my story – my personal experience, which I gained thanks to my EVS-project. If I succeed to encourage others to go for an EVS-project, I will be truly delighted.

This wish came true thanks to random half-hour talk with people from Slovenian Cultural Center “Pekarna”. Concerts, exhibitions, workshops, festivals – all these organized in the premises of the former military bakery, which was squatted by the group of non-conform people in the 90’s.  At present, this place is filled up with vivid cultural, artistic and community life. Exactly what I needed! To escape from Žilina and from Slovakia. To refresh my mind and make clear to myself what to do with my own life. I was about to finish my bachelor studies and I had serious doubts about continuing the masters studies. I liked working in “Stanica”, but at the same time I really needed a break.


In that moment, the EVS seemed to be the best decision; a perfect way how to take a year off to contemplate my future and to do things that I enjoy. And to learn new ones. Moreover, as a volunteer I didn’t have to worry about earning money and surviving at all. And I didn’t care about which country I was going to. An organization consisting of people with interesting opinions and life-attitudes was essential to me.


Except shooting at events, I was helping with their technical preparatations, I started to learn how to illuminate concerts, I co-operated at creative workshops, viral promotion of events and so on and so forth. Together with other international and local volunteers we were making videos, organizing community dinners or funny interventions in public places.


To put it in a simple way, the European Voluntary Service gave me time and space to experiment, to do things that I was afraid to do “at home”, due to my weak organizational skills. Besides priceless experience, I got to know several good friends, with whom I am still in touch, in connection to my personal or professional life.


I recommend to everyone considering participation in an EVS-project to decide not by the country, BUT by their field of interest, by the organization and by people, who can be found on the online database of hosting organizations or met randomly while travelling throughout Europe. And this is the reason why: It is not that important where we are, BUT what we do and with whom we do it.


Dušan Dobiáš

Published: Wed, 12/06/2013 - 16:45

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