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Science and Innovation

Science represents a certain form of adopting the world. It results in knowledge based on observation or experiment. Innovation denotes a change in behaviour, progress or improvement, some kind of change.

Innovation is the main driver of economic progress. The ability to innovate is determined by many factors. These include the educated workforce and a favourable business environment. However, the basis of innovation form new knowledge generated mainly from the research and development, their interaction and the level of scientific development of the country.


The quality of our lives in the future will be dependent on the ability to develop innovations. There is currently no comprehensive innovation strategy, nor functional system that would support innovation and competitiveness of the Slovak economy. Despite the fact that Slovakia has a relatively good research potential, the main problem remains quality, the introduction of new knowledge into practice and the lack of sufficient funds.


Distinguished role in the development of science, technology and innovation plays supporting programmes of the European Union. Their goal is to encourage talented people to scientific career and create opportunities for quality scientific work. The possibilities of scholarship for young researchers, their mobility in lifelong learning and career development and partnership between industries and universities are expanding. Accordingly, the adequate career evaluation improves together with the salary. Introduced processes can greatly accelerate the reform and modernization of the whole society, the introduction of new technologies and innovation, appropriate practice and knowledge application and experience from other countries and regions.


Very important task of present days is to make the science and innovation popular and stimulate the youth to study the science and engineering disciplines. There is a number of projects which specialises on issuing technical literature and scientific journals, electronic newspapers (e.g. NCP VaP) and various meetings such as Bratislavská vedecká cukráreň (Bratislava Scientific Bakery), projects Schola Ludus, Týždeň vedy a techniky (Science and Technology Week), Noc výskumníkov „eTwinning“(Researchers´ Night „eTwinning“)  and many others. Participation in such projects gives an opportunity to young people to find mates with similar interests, to discover different cultures and traditions and what they have in common and to develop their knowledge and skills in engineering, science or mathematics.

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Published: Tue, 23/07/2013 - 09:34

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