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Art and entertainment as a source of lesson learned, relax and experi

Art and entertainment are very important for young people. Through the art, young individual can meet the artistic values and work on developing cultural heritage and folklore traditions.

Art and entertainment help to harmonize the personality, combines relaxing and fun educational effects, allow a better understanding of the other people and perception of the beauty of life. If we want to get closer to the art, we tend to visit cultural events such as exhibitions, concerts, various music performances, movies and theatre performances and actively work as members of art interested activities.


            Art interested activities represent a wide range of amateur arts. A variety of interests and hobbies of a young individual, his imagination and creativity are applied in it. Young people can develop their talent through the amateur theatre, children´s dramatic creativity, puppet theatre, small stage forms, theatre poetry, artistic poetry and prose recitations. In the area of music perform a number of choirs, brass bands, modern, popular music and folk groups. There are also numerous children´s and youth folklore groups, groups of modern and scenic dance, literary clubs, various circles aimed at fine arts, film and photography.


            For art interested activities participants is annually organized a number of contents, exhibitions and festivals where individuals and teams present achieved results of their work, compare them with the others, gain new experience and make friends. Such events represent e.g. Hviezdoslavov Kubín, Mládež spieva (The Youth Sings), Detský folklórny festival (Children´s Folklore Festival), Literárny Zvolen etc.

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   Folklore unites probably the largest group of amateur artists. Folk festivals are held in numerous villages and towns of which the three largest are in Východná, Myjava and Detva. Find more information here:, Involved people together with folklore favourers meet to present the most beautiful parts of our culture – traditional costumes, folk songs and dancing, traditions, ceremonies, crafts, food and traditional way of life. Through the performance of various groups, as well as music media and publications, numerous associations, institutions and individuals are involved in keeping and reproducing Slovak folk traditions.


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Author: Svetlana Chomová, PhD.

Published Tue, 23/07/2013 - 09:40
Last updated on Tue, 23/07/2013 - 10:24

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