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National vocational qualification (NVQ)

National Vocational Qualifications enable an individual to obtain a publicly recognised document on vocational qualification attesting to his/her ability for practicing a certain profession.

National Vocational Qualifications are acquired through assessment and validation of knowledge and skills obtained through non-formal learning: practice an occupation, volunteer work, leisure activities, participation in non-formal training programmes, self-learning etc.

NVQ encourages employees and individuals to have a care for their employability as well as their career path and seize the opportunity to validate their competences. It also enables them to demonstrate their competences and also to get their experiences and non-formal learning validated and thus avoid losing valuable time to learn what you already know.


Who can obtain the NVQ

National Vocational Qualifications can be obtained by adults who reached the age of majority (18), have gained relevant work experience; as well as gained various vocational competences in life which are not recognised or accredited.


Benefits of NVQ  

The NVQ can help you move up in your career without the having to obtain a higher level of professional education or complete a formal training program. You can be more competitive on the labour market in Slovenia or in the other EU countries, as well as increase your chance of employment.


NPK takes into account and recognizes non-formally gained knowledge and experiences

The main document with which a candidate can obtain a NVQ is the summary folder (portfolio). With the summary folder the candidate demonstrates his proficiency in professional knowledge and skills included into in the Catalogue for NVQ. In the process of assessment and validation of NVQ the summary folder serves as a tool based on which the commission can get a sense of the candidate's work experience and education and training.


How gain NVQ

Your first step on the way to the NVQ is the providers of the NVQ assessment and validation procedures, where you can apply for the process of obtaining NVQ. Each provider is obliged to offer the candidate the possibility of consulting through the entire process of obtaining NVQ - from preparing the summary folder to receiving the NVQ certificate.

You can find the providers by selecting NVQ in the chosen field and look for NVQ you are interested in on the website of national vocational qualifications.


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Published: Tue, 02/09/2014 - 12:29

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