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African and Europe together on youth exchange in Slovenia

Read how Africans experienced Slovenia during their stay in Celje youth center as part of Active for future youth exchange.

Well this is just the peak of my year. Hi, my name is Muthoni Kirumba or rather, my personal brand name (UniqueMK- initialsMK). I had been in constant prayer for a turning point at that particular point in my life. One day I get a random call and what I hear from the other end is a complete dream come true; VACK-Volunteer Action for Change Kenya was selecting the participants that would represent Kenya in the SlovenianYX (Youth Exchange). I was so excited to be selected especially because I had never been to Europe before. The European Union was funding this amazing project under the Erasmus+ programme as an opportunity to get to learn knowledge, skills and competencies that would actually elevate each of us in different dimensions. 6 countries- Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Uganda, Tanzania and of course Kenya; 6 participants from each country, would assemble at one meeting point, Slovenia for the about one week for a project which included exchanging cultures and ideas in order to increase participants skills and knowledge bettering us for the challenging business environment and to spark our creativity and innovativeness by the varied interactions in different dimensions. This was in order to enable us to come up with solutions applicable in our local communities, society and nation at large. Making the world a better place? You bet! We were all very ebullient {toastmasters} with regards to the venture and all expected that our knowledge would increase like compound interest.

The whole learning process was very interesting as we had discussions and workshops in the conference rooms but most were outdoor activities where we also got to go to the museum, Celje Castle, Smartinsko Jezero lake and tour the city thereafter giving our group reviews. Wish we had some time to visit the capital Ljubljana but it's alright, maybe next time. sLOVEnia is such a calm country, Celje is so beautiful... you would definitely want to go back there. I LOVED IT... too much. Meetings like this are about making networks too. We had an amazing European night where the European participants got to share their culture (food, dance-e.t.c) and an African night as well. So on African night, we cooked, dressed, danced, interacted and took a lot of selfies. The people were amazed by our culture; It was utterly encouraging. Europe was a turning point for all of us. I am inspired to the extent that I will continue my hashtag conversations on talent… lookout for this hashtag soon #talentconversations…and guys, we have to trend please.

When I came back home I had a rampage of sending photos so I misplaced the SD card but I hope it will reappear soon. That was a downward perk for me but it has taught me a lesson I would also like you to learn... a very dear lesson at that; That is, always back up your photos or important data immediately you land so if the memory card gets lost you still have the memoirs. #lessonlearnt. We still have so many photos though… but they can never be enough. We saw very appealing things to purchase but didn't shop immediately. Once you see something nice, just buy it there and then, you might not have adequate time to shop in the end and you totally do not want to get late to the airport and possibly miss your flight.

Either way, we met amazing people, we had amazing activities, so much fun and sweet memories and now we all can't wait to implement what we learnt in our local communities not only benefiting us but also the people around us especially the youth who embody a larger percentage of our population. It is even better now with the networks and collaborations from the 6 countries. So watch out for more amazing activities, inspiring stories and awe-strucking projects right here on We will keep you updated... stay tuned.

All in all, as I happily trot along the streets of Nairobi, I smile alone or rather to myself as I reminisce the sweet memoirs I had in the city of calm, love, rich heritage and freshness; Celje, sLOVEnia. I have actually been smiling so much when am walking along the streets or just seated somewhere carrying out an activity that people are wondering the source of my joy. Well, the well of joy emanates from a deep source somewhere in the heart of Europe. I think am in love. <3

Tata for now, yours truly, Muthoni Kirumba. Enjoy the photos and for more photos am Muthoni Kirumba on facebook and _soni_k is my official instagram page.Check out and please FOLLOW mayakenya on instagram, Twitter:mayakenya7, Facebook: Market & Advertise you Africa . Barikiwa! (Be blessed.)

Published: Fri, 03/02/2017 - 11:17

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