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Stories of volunteers - Agi

Who are volunteers? Actually, they are simple people around us, coming from different life and professional backgrounds and doing volunteering because they feel like, and for some of them volunteering remains an important part of their life

What do you actually do as a volunteer? In what organization?

I am Search and Rescue responder, in the regional K9SAR unit, that works with rescue dogs.
The unit operates under the Association of Rescue Dog Hadlers of Slovenia. The local K9SAR organization (which is linked to national association), that I am member of is called Cynology club for protection, search and rescue.


Why volunteering is important for you? How it benefits the society you live in?

I just do things that I feel it is right to do. Some of those things do not bring any money, but I do it anyway.
Well, regarding the SAR activities, we do our best to save lifes.


Published: Mon, 19/12/2016 - 14:22

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