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Peaceworks – Volunteer and see the world

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A lot of young people in the world grow up with war as a regular part of their lives. By working with PeaceWorks Sweden, you can contribute to making their world a little bit safer.

What is Peaceworks? PeaceWorks is a nonprofit organisation working for peace where young people create and decide on the activities, where you can find valuable new connections and experience many new things. The organisation has been around since 1974 and is one of the leading Swedish volunteer organisations. There are many ways to participate in the organisation, and the three primary areas are: Volunteering, Local organisations, and Training. 



Volunteering gives young Swedes the opportunity to travel the world and participate in projects that focus on social or environmental issues, and at the same time, young people from other countries come to Sweden. You can volunteer in Europe and elsewhere, and the projects are meant to create connections between people and cultures. You can look through PeaceWorks' volunteering projects here.


Local organisations

PeaceWorks' local organisations exist all over the country. If you have ideas for local or international peace projects you can just contact your local organisation and go for it.



Trainings in peace and conflict work are often held at PeaceWorks' various meetings and forums. 


Your PeaceWorks

If you want inspiration for how to get involved, you can look at various examples here: Examples of projects.


In order to be involved in PeaceWorks, you have to be a member. Become a member of PeaceWorks. In addition to access to all the activities put on by the organisation, you'll also get a monthly newsletter with news and opportunities. 


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