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Youth unemployment in Europe by the numbers

Youth unemployment has been high in Europe for the past twenty years, but it has now reached the point where almost one in four young Europeans are out of work.

The figure of 25% unemployment among young people is many times higher than the figure for adults; moreover, they are considered a vulnerable group in the workforce . Sweden is furthermore one of the countries where the difference between the generations is greatest.


Size of the problem varies across different EU countries

The highest levels of unemployment in the EU can be found in Greece (where unemployment lies at almost 30 percent) and Spain (where it lies at around 26 percent). The countries that have best managed to avoid the problem are Austria and Germany. This pattern also holds for youth unemployment in the four countries. In August, Sweden had an unemployment level of 8 percent.


One interesting fact is that the average unemployment level in the EU is 10.9 %, whereas the level in the Euro countries (i.e. those countries who use the Euro) is higher, at 12 percent. It is also interesting that women and men in Europe appear to be affected by unemployment to almost exactly the same extent.



                                                                                                                     Johanna Wester


Gepubliceerd: Wo, 02/04/2014 - 14:38

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