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An interest in sustainability opened the door to new opportunities

Photo of Linnea Nedar.
Linnea Nedar, aged 21, is studying to become a civil engineer in mechanical engineering with a focus on energy and the environment at the University of Linköping. At a careers fair, she met a number of people from a voluntary association called Sustainergies, and this meeting was the start of a new, exciting adventure.

Sustainergies is a network for students and businesses that are interested in sustainability. The network brings together students and businesses and organisations to work together with sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


It was at a careers fair at Linköping University that Linnea came into contact with Sustainergies. She thought their work sounded interesting and she asked if they were doing anything in Linköping. The answer was no, but it was followed by a question to Linnea, as to whether she herself wanted to start something locally. Linnea accepted the offer and together they started Sustainergies in Linköping.


– It feels incredibly good to start something new. You get to test out your ideas and choose the project’s direction on the basis of what you believe in yourself, says Linnea.


Linnea is now project leader for the CSR Live project in Linköping. It is a programme in which groups of students visit CSR-managers or sustainability departments at businesses working in different sectors. There they hold workshops on sustainability issues that the businesses in question view as being particularly important to them. The businesses get to meet interesting students who can provide new answers to questions that are of interest to them, and the students get to see how sustainability works in practice at a business.


What have you learned from your studies and your involvement in Sustainergies?

– If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that it is always better to have the courage to try. You can’t know everything from the word go, but you learn while you’re doing things. Don’t forget that you can always ask for help. A lot of people are very flattered when you ask, and they are happy to help. If I were to give some advice, it would be that everything is easier if you have a partner to discuss things with, and that you don’t need to be afraid of failure. If you don’t succeed, you get to try a different idea instead!


Curious to know more about Sustainergies? Check out the association's website by clicking the link below!


Text: Lucella Bergström

Paskelbta: T, 01/04/2015 - 15:33

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