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Speaking up and changing local youth policy

Girl yelling in megaphone
The young people of Trelleborg, Sweden, were offered an opportunity to affect their local community via the survey Lupp®. Their responses showed the politicians that not only were they not disaffected, they were very engaged.


Through the survey Lupp® – a local investigation of youth policy – municipalities in Sweden can find out how young people look at their school, their free time, their health, future, influence, and work opportunities.


In the fall of 2010, secondary school students at the age of 17 and 22-year-olds in Trelleborg were offered the chance to participate in the survey.


– Lupp showed that the young people really wanted to get engaged but didn’t know where to begin. We realized the incredible force we had in these kids and we thought – how can we use it? says Ola Johnsson, head of Navigatorcentrum (a resource centre for young people) in Trelleborg.


The start of Link Trbg

So as a result of Lupp®, Navigatorcentrum started the project Link Trbg with funding from the European Social Fund. Link Trbg is an entrenpreneurship project and the idea is that young people themselves should bring in missions and assignments from reality as a way of acquiring their own jobs or sources of income.


Amanda Kronberg Johansson who has participated in Link Trbg for six weeks:


– We get to contact the organisations and companies that we want, and we get to call around and introduce ourselves to new contacts. One girl for example called this organisation called Hamnen, and then it turned out that they had a couple of job openings, so now she has a job interview instead.


Working for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) 

Amanda Kronberg Johansson is currently doing a project for Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). 


– It’s all about how young people can get engaged in environmental issues and we’re going to go out in schools and inform about how to improve your environment, she says. Then we won’t just be representing ourselves and Link Trbg but also the SSNC.


– You make more of an effort when you’re doing a project for someone else that isn’t just about your own life. When more people are going to see your work and be affected by it, you want to do your best, she says.