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Volunteering abroad

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Links to some organisations and companies offering international volunteering projects. Check them out and find the one that works for you.


Most international volunteering projects carry a fee; for some, the organisations pay for the participants food, housing, etc. Many of these organisations also carry out work in Sweden and for some of them, a prerequisite for participating in their international project is that you've been active in their Swedish organisation first. The length of the volunteer positions vary, but usually they're between 1 and 6 months long. 


AFS Intercultural Education is for those who have graduated from high school or secondary school and is under the age of 30. AFS offers a program where you work in one of their projects abroad for 6 months. They arrangefor food and housing in a host family, and the fee of 39 000 SEK that you pay includes travel, insurance, preparatory meeting in Sweden, language training, and activities during your time abroad. 


Erikshjälpen has an internship program for young people between 20 and 30 who are interested in development issues. As an intern, you are placed in one of their local partner organisations across the world to participate in their daily work. Part of your internship also includes an information project that you plan in cooperation with Erikshjälpen. The internship is at least 5 months long, which includes 1 month for preparation and follow-up work. 


European Voluntary Service gives you the opportunity to work as a volunteer in Europe as well as a couple of other countries. This program is for young people between 18 and 30, particularly those who normally don't have the opportunity to gain international experience. There is no fee, the only thing you might have to pay is 10% of the travel expenses (and you don't even always have to pay that). The program pays for the rest of your travel, for your food and insurance, and it gives you a language course and certificate that contains what you learned in the project.


Framtidsjorden (Our Future World) sends interns to India for an internship lasting between 4-5 months at an organisation working with organic and socially sustainable development. There is a preparatory course at a community college that all interns must attend before leaving. 


Individuell Människohjälp, IM sends approximately 10 university students abroad for internships with their international partners. The possible placements are published on IM:s webpage at the beginning of the year and recruitment takes place in the spring. After coming back to Sweden, the interns hold seminars and lectures about their experiences. 


PeaceWorks sends volunteers to 50 different countries and you can choose between more than 300 projects that work within 15 subject areas. PeaceWorks is a nonprofit organisation that has worked with international volunteering projects since 1974. 


The Scandinavian Institute SSI sends volunteers to ongoing projects in Ecuador, India and Nepal. The volunteers can work with projects that involve street children, education, animal care, environmental issues, human rights, and eco tourism. The project period is between 2 and 6 months long. A preparatory course in Sweden and a local coordinator will support the volunteer during their time abroad.


Source: SIDA (The Swedish International Development Agency)

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