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Eleven movies by young people with disabilities

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Watch short movies done by young people with disabilities where they tell their own story. The movies were made through a collaboration with the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs and the project Telling their story.


My best friend saved me – On bullying and the feeling of being entirely alone 


ADHD and telling timeBeing on time can be hard if you have ADHD


My pile of forms – About the pile of forms that happens when you have to apply for personal assistance or adjusted living. There is a lot of waiting, especially if you’re young.


Movies about love On love, dreams of becoming an actor, and being enrolled in the Fine Arts Program of the school for disabled youth.


Not aloneOn feeling like the only person in the world who is gluten intolerant and the power of meeting other people who are also allergic to gluten 


Being treated like you’re 5 – On the frustration of not being taken seriously 


The pancakeOn being gluten intolerant and not being able to eat what everyone else eats


Not the same optionsIf you’re young and you have a hearing problem you don’t have the same options as everyone else when it comes to high schools


My world


A normal day at school – on dyslexia 


The pros of having AspbergersDon’t be afraid to stand out! Everyone who has Aspbergers also has special interests. 

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