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Action Plan for Youth Work and Youth Policy

How to promote the Europe integration of the Western Balkans region? To answer that, the European Western Balkans Youth Meeting, held in Ljubljana, has proposed an Action Plan for Youth Work and Youth Policy.

Fifty-five youth workers, policy makers and stakeholders from relevant organisations met in Ljubljana in September 2016 in the "Connecting Youth Work and Youth Policy" Europe-Western Balkans Youth Meeting to assure that youth work has a say in the development of youth policy.


The participants, coming from 15 Erasmus+ Programme countries and Partner countries in the Western Balkan region, proposed an Action Plan with the following suggestions for youth work and youth policy:

  • Strengthening civic education in non-formal education settings; 

  • Fostering youth entrepreneurship in non-formal learning; 

  • Encouraging active participation of young people in policy design; 

  • Developing media literacy through youth work; 

  • Enhancing promotion of and accessibility to existing programmes; 

  • Establishing closer links between formal and non-formal education.


This plan established suggestions for youth workers and youth policy makers in areas such as European citizenship, youth participation, social inclusion, youth employment, dealing with the past and combatting radicalisation and extremism.


Why? In the Western Balkan region, the economic crisis and the refugee crisis has led to a growth of skepticism of Europe and has triggered increasing national extremism, right-wing populism and democratic instability.


As a response, the "Berlin Process" is aimed to foster stability and security through stronger links with and support for the Western Balkan region. In the youth field the process is framed by the Positive Agenda for the Youth of the Western Balkans, initiated by Slovenia at the Brdo Summit of 2015 and followed by the Connecting Youth Conference in Paris 2016.

Published: Mon, 13/03/2017 - 16:37

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