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Work in Portugal

trabalhar em Portugal
trabalhar em Portugal
What should you do to work in Portugal?

To perform an activity in Portugal, foreign citizens must apply for recognition of their academical qualifications (with the universities and qualified institutes for this purpose) and professional (with the National Reference Point for Vocational Qualifications - where you can find information on systems of Education, Training and Professional Certification).

After arrival in Portugal, you should note the following:

• Registration at the Job Centre

• Contributions for Social Security

•Tax payment

Employment Center

Foreign citizens must register with the Employment Center of your area for a specialized technical team:

• To prepare you for a Personal Employment Plan

• Submit jobs

• Establish an Active Search Plan for Employment

• Propose actions that facilitate access to employment

The third-country nationals who have residence permit or valid residence, or any valid residence permit or legal stay to allow the performance of an occupation and residing in the country, should also register with the Employment Centre in your area residence as candidates. The rights are identical to those of a Portuguese citizen.

Job Sites

Immigrant NetEmprego

• NetEmprego

Public Employment Market - jobs in Central Government and Local

Measures / employment programs and training actions:

To access the measures and employment programs or vocational training actions, immigrants must meet the respective access requirements and possess one of the titles or residence, that enable the exercise of a professional activity.

More information:

Foreigners and Borders Service

High Commissioner for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue

Contributions for Social Security

• contribution rate: 11% General Workers Scheme for others

Tax payment

In Portugal, workers pay the IRS - Income Tax people Singular, which focuses on the annual income of taxpayers.

There is a table of contributions for dependent workers whose deductions vary depending on the salary earned, marital status and number of dependents.

In the case of a self-employed, the discounts are in the order of 20% of the total monthly income.

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