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Run for a good cause

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One way to get fit and raise money for a good cause is to take part in a charity run.

Choose a charity

If you like running, think about doing a charity race. Choose a charity or cause that means something to you and it will keep you motivated. 


Apply to the charity you want to fundraise for and tell them how much you plan to raise and how you will do it. They’ll send you a fundraising pack and give you advice on making the most of your experience.


Start running

If you haven’t done much running before, here’s some advice:   


  1. Get the right kit. Good quality running gear is essential. Ask for advice in a specialist store to make sure you get shoes that give your feet the correct support.
  2. Look after yourself. Eat a balanced diet and give up smoking if you can, as it makes it harder to run.
  3. Do it the right way. Wear sunscreen, make sure you stretch properly before you set off and keep your back straight and breathe deeply while running.
  4. Never rush. Running a marathon is about patience. Prepare yourself months ahead with regular training. Start running short distances on flat surfaces at first. Run slowly enough to keep the same pace all from start to finish.
  5. Stay well hydrated. Drink water regularly, before and during your run.
  6. Track your progress. Use an app on your smartphone or a pedometer to count your steps, or keep a running logbook to motivate yourself.
  7. Run with friends. It’s always more fun to run with others – run with friends or join a running club to meet other runners.

Published: Mon, 30/11/2015 - 11:54

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