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Get moving with Move Week!

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Sport and physical activity can improve your quality of life by giving you more strength and energy & helping you better manage stress and sleep better. Start things rolling with Move Week!

The European week of sport and physical activity is an annual Europe‑wide campaign week promoting sport and physical activity and their positive impact on European societies.

In 2012, the first‑ever Move Week brought together individuals, organisations and cities from across Europe in a large-scale celebration of sport and physical activity under the motto 100 Million more Europeans active in sport and physical activity.


What happens?

During the week, participating organisations or cities organise events to mobilise citizens to come together and participate in sport or other physical activities: clubs introducing non‑members to their sports, walkathons, running events, dance and gymnastic events – any popular activity that can rally people to join in.

England Basketball and Foundation 4 Life organised the Fantastic Basketball Festival, in London, open to young people aged between 13-25. This tournament included a 3‑on‑3 basketball tournament, sport tasters and an All Starts Final.

Sports club Vlasta Syslová, in Benesov (Czech Republic) held an afternoon of exercising on outdoor machines, Nordic walking and talks about the necessity of healthy movement.

Above all it’s essential to have fun while promoting sport and physical activity and gathering the local community around a common activity.


Commit to the Move Week

The MOVE WEEK is open to everybody of all ages from all over Europe. By participating in the Move Week’s activities, you and your organisation, your city or your community will enjoy the benefits for much longer than just one week. You can count on:

  • improved community connectivity
  • upbeat promotion of your sports organisation and city as physically active and caring
  • greater visibility of what your organisation or city has to offer in terms of sport
  • increased awareness of the benefits of sport and physical activity
  • positive showcasing of your sports organisation and city’s social and physical capital
  • expanded national and international networks and relations
  • active promotion of your sports organisation, institution or city towards local citizens and a wider international public.

Published: Mon, 07/09/2015 - 16:58

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