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What I Talk about when I Talk about Freerunning

Break out of your routine, defy gravitation, taste fear and satisfaction. Get into a freerunner's shoes

The art of running, the art of flying


Everyone of us has seen or done silly stunts in front of their friends, taken up challenges requiring both strength, agility and a fearless spirit. It turns out that this can transform into something more serious, into something which could even become a lifestyle.


Freerunning is a form of art created with your body. It is impossible to do it for money – this is about something with a spirit, about commitment, and there is no way to make money out of it. Some people, consciously or not, have been aiming all their life at becoming a freerunner. However, not always has it been obvious that something like that exists at all.


Freerunning stems from parkour and it cannot be forgotten that parkour techniques are an inherent element of freerunning. To put it really simply – freerunning is parkour plus  something more. Parkour is limited by the rule ‘as fast as possible spending as little energy as possible’, freerunning is more about playing with your body.


The hard and long work, the feeling of being ‘superhuman’ that you experience when flying, the people you meet on your way – all that makes freerunning something magnificent to which you can devote all your life.


How to start?


Now, in the era of Facebook, we can easily find and join our local freerunners. If there are none, this could be a great opportunity to encourage friends and form a group where everybody keeps motivating one another. The fact of having no instructor is not an obstacle: that is what is beautiful about it – the slow development of your body's potential, and although  organisations have been founded that help to start, you have to remember that all Polish freerunnuers, now very experienced, started from scratch. Start from simple elements: play with your body, create new challenges, be creative.

On friendly terms with... fear


Fear is not something that you can ignore or combat at all costs. You have to be in harmony with it. Fear is our friend, it tells us whether or not something is a stupid and dangerous idea. If we adopt the method of baby steps, then the leap which seemed gigantic a year ago, will now seem normal, to be carried out almost negligently.


Where to practise?


Get out of your home and look around – you can practise literally everywhere. If you catch the freerunning bug, even two kerbs will guarantee you an hour of fun. And if you grow out of regular walls and kerbs, you will start getting around your local woods, gravel pits... Participation in all sorts of freerunning events taking place in major Polish cities would be your next step. Who knows? You might even go abroad. That's how it is – when something is your passion, the sky's the limit.


Robert Zmysłowski

Published: Tue, 25/03/2014 - 10:43

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