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'I just had to fill in a form (...), then I went through a friendly 15 minutes phone interview, and in less than 2 weeks I received an acceptance email ... I was moving to Greece!' - says Gema Fernandez from Spain, ENISA intern.

Why did you choose a traineeship in the program at ENISA?
I was about to finish my MSc in Cybersecurity, looping for fresk-graduates opportunities, and I came cross this traineeships offered in European Agencies in general; I remembered an agency focused on information and Network security mentioned in one of my les sons, and it Just looked a perfect way to enter the Job market and learn from the best. 

Was the application process difficult?
Not at all, I just had to fill in a form provided in their website, then I went through a friendly 15 minutes phone interview, and in less than 2 weeks I received an acceptance email ... I was moving to Greece! 

What did you do during the traineeship?
I have an active role in the department responsible for Secure Infrastructure and Services, collaborating will me fellow colleagues in several projects related to this area and I am involved in all the management and planning activities of the team. 

What was the most interesting and the hardest task for you?
The most challenging aspect of the traineeship form me was to be aware and get familiar with the roles and duties of this agency (and European agencies in general) within the EU, and even more to understand the politics that rule the UE and how we (ENISA) were related to them. But little by little I am drawing the big picture and getting to understand how things work. 

What did you learn at ENISA? 
My colleagues treat me as if I was one more of them, so I am learning a lot not only about our specific topic, but also about internal organization matters of the agency (how it works, how they plan the projects, which methodology they apply …). 

Does every trainee have a tutor in the department where they is being trained? 
In my case, I do have a tutor (a very good one I my say) that guides me through the projects and is there for me if I have any problem or doubt. But I also have to say that any colleague I've asked for information was happy to help. 

How did you spend your time outside of work?
 I try to explore Athens and Greece in general as much as possible! I also go out with people from work, that are always suggesting new plans for the weekends. During the work week, I basically joined a gym and played also several sports (like beach volley) which were also organised by people in the agency. 

Is the trainee's salary sufficient? 
It's more than sufficient to live here in Athens, but it does not give you much margin to save money. Taking into account that it is a traineeship, I am happy with the salary. 

Did the traineeship help you to find a job you were interested in?
I'm still enjoying my traineeship here in Athens, but I hope it will! 

What would you say to people who would like to apply for a traineeship at ENISA?
Do so, it is a great experience, even more I would say if you have a background related to cybersecurity; you will learn a lot, become more experienced in this area and furthermore meet a lot of people and make contacts. 


Interview by Agnieszka Góralczyk

Published: Fri, 26/01/2018 - 18:42

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