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It is never boring

'You get the chance to meet so many people coming from all around the Council of Europe´s member states.' - says Mila Brnčić from Croatia, ECML intern.

Why did you choose a traineeship in the program at ECML?
For the last 9 months, I´ve been a programme trainee here. ECML is the Council of Europe´s organisation, so actually it is not a European Union institution. I´m not sure whether that is relevant to your research. On the other hand, we have a special agreement with the European Commission, and we carry out some of the projects in cooperation with them. 
I myself chose this internship because I´m a linguist. I studied foreign languages (English and French) at the University of Ljubljana. And is there a language student to whom the idea of doing an internship at the ECML would not sound attractive?! So many projects on languages and language education, the ability to get familiar with it from the inside, learn from people who are active and successful in this area for years.

Was the application process difficult? 
As far as the application is concerned, I don´t think it was difficult. Anyone can access the form on the ECML website (under traineeship section). It basically consists of providing clear data concerning one´s education, personal data and language and computer skills. The other part is a short essay on your motivation.

What did you do during the traineeship?
To me, the most interesting task of working at the ECML is the organization and preparation of workshops/meetings (event management). During that time, it gets very active here at the ECML. Some may find it overwhelming and stressful, but I like it a lot! It is never boring. And you get the chance to meet so many people coming from all around the Council of Europe´s member states (and non-member states, e.g. Canada). It´s interesting to talk to them (be it on the languages or on other topics).  

Does every trainee have a tutor in the department where they is beeing trained? 
Each trainee here has a line manager (4 trainees = 4 managers). Normally, the line manager is responsible for the trainee and you answer to the manager in case it´s needed (e.g., you agree with your manager on when you are taking your days off). But, generally, everyone here is very kind, always ready to help, give advice, etc., regardless of being or not being one´s direct manager.

Is the trainee's salary sufficient?
It depends on the person, but I believe that the salary is sufficient for living in Graz. 

Did the traineeship help you to find a job you were interested in?
I´m not yet sure where I´ll find my spot after this internship but I believe this reference will help. 

What would you say to people who would like to apply for a traineeship at ECML?
In general, I´d always recommend ECML internships. The working atmosphere here is very pleasant and friendly. 


Interview by Agnieszka Góralczyk

Published: Fri, 26/01/2018 - 18:17

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