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If you find yourself with time to spare, why not do something for others?

Make a difference

Ever wanted to do something really worthwhile? If you’re aged 17-30, consider volunteering abroad with the European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme. Apply early (about one year ahead if you can) to make sure you find the right project.


Follow these instructions to apply for an EVS project in a European country.


If you can’t find anything, don’t panic! There are lots of other organisations that organise volunteering projects abroad            

Be part of the community

If you enjoy working outdoors and meeting new people, think about residential volunteering. A residential project usually consists of 2-4 weeks of voluntary work in an international group working on a local community or environmental project. Read our article on residential volunteering.


Training on the job

A traineeship is one of the best ways to get some professional experience and learn about a job in your own country or abroad. Most traineeships last around 3 months to 1 year, so it’s better to do it after you finish your studies, or as part of your study programme. Check out our ‘work & learn’ section as well as the EU page on traineeships for graduates to find current traineeship offers, and read our article on traineeships for more information.


Other opportunities abroad

Other opportunities to study or work abroad are available online.


The Eurodesk ‘Deadline Reminder’ provides details of upcoming deadlines, including for training programmes and placements. You’ll find last minute volunteering placements on Eurodesk’s ‘Last Minute Offers’ page.


If you like working with children, think about working as an au pair, a chance to live with a family abroad and learn the language while helping with childcare or housework.


Or you could consider a seasonal job in another European country.


Published: Fri, 27/11/2015 - 11:43

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