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Leave? Professionally!

Half of your friends have already left for England or Ireland. They work there, but the decision has been a costly one. And you can leave abroad at the expense of the EU. You can go for two months or a year and learn a language there.

If you are an apprentice, a vocational school student or a recent graduate, you can leave abroad for training of placement at a company, training centre, public institution or a non-governmental organisation as part of Learning Mobility of Individuals of the Erasmus+ programme. Also vocational subject teachers, instructors, career counsellors and other people committed to vocational education and training who wish to acquire new knowledge can also benefit from the programme under job shadowing mobility.


The programme involves mobilities to 28 countries of the European Union, as well as to EEA countries (Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland), and EU candidate countries (Turkey and Macedonia). For the implementation of a project lasting one year or two years (which involves mobility), you can receive up to EUR 1100 to cover travel and organisation costs, and obtain individual support. If you have special needs (hold a disability certificate), you will be provided additional funding, if needed. However, individuals cannot apply for co-financing, you must find an organisation which will apply on your behalf.


And when you go abroad, you will learn a language naturally; at work, in the streets, when hanging out with friends. And in order to improve your linguistic skills, you can attend an online English, French, German, Spanish or Italian course. As a result, you will not only make progress but also verify it by writing a test posted on an Internet platform. All the newly acquired knowledge can be entered into your CV. Think how many interesting and new information you can enter in your CV upon return.

Published: Thu, 15/05/2014 - 15:52

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